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Brown Bear Masonry is experienced in laying any type of stone including natural stone, real stone veneer and cultured stone. Choosing the right stone to fit your budget and style can be a challenge, but Brown Bear can make the process easier. We have years of experience, good communication and work with every customer individually. For all your stone needs, Brown Bear is happy to help with the design process and give an estimate. Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form under the contact page to get your stone project started.


A Bit About Stone


The beauty of stone is the natural character, texture and color; no two stones are alike. Any type of stone, cultured or natural stone, will add value and beauty to your home. Consider all the ways and places stone can add value to a home. One of the best places to use stone is on the face of a home in lieu of siding. Stone greatly enhances curb appeal and requires much less maintenance than siding with paint.

Pick Out Your Favorite Stone

Close up image of ;Natural Stone Veneer from Glacier Stone Company with a mushroom shape incorporated in the design.






Brown Bear Does Stone

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