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Brown Bear Makes The Grade


Brown Bear is excited to offer concrete site preparation services. We have equipment for compacting, moving material, grading, and demolition of old concrete. All concrete slabs, footings, piers, stem walls and retaining walls require a good sub-grade beneath the concrete for strong, uniform support. We also provide vapor barrier moisture protection for slabs that will be covered with tile, carpet, wood, or any overlay material. Brown Bear provides these services to ensure our customers are getting the best final product possible. Whether you are a builder or a homeowner, our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form to add site preparation to to your estimate.


A Bit About Grading


The importance of proper grading and compaction when placing concrete is always taken in consideration by Brown Bear. Proper grading to a uniform height ensures the customer is not paying for more concrete than necessary and the concrete will not be too thin in any area. Proper grading will also reduce concrete cracking. The base material should be a compactable, easy to trim, granular fill that will remain stable and support construction traffic. De-composed granite is often used for this material in the Southern Oregon area.

Foundation ready for concrete slab with decomposed granite fill and rebar.



    Vapor Barrier



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