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Brown Bear knows how important a house foundation is to the longevity and soundness of the home. We have many years experience in creating solid, level foundations for all types of structures large and small. Brown Bear is proud to offer from the ground up complete foundation service. Our large workforce of talented masons and concrete finishers can do everything needed for your foundation including, grading, compaction, vapor barriers, venting, sealing, footings, piers and block or concrete structural walls. Need an estimate? Have questions about your project? Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form on the contact us page.

A Bit About Block -V- Concrete

Using block for a foundation has some advantages over concrete stem walls. Conventional concrete stem walls are widely used and are structural. The problem is they are not so nice to look at and when concrete cracks it is very noticeable with potential for problems. The cost of standard 8' smooth, gray block is slightly higher than concrete poured stem walls, but the higher cost is made up in curb appeal. A skilled mason can achieve a level solid foundation even on an uneven land grade with block. Block creates a nice finished look and a variety of decorative block textures and colors are available to accent your home.

Block foundation being grouted with concrete


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