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Brown Bear Masonry has the know how and vision it takes to create custom wood burning ovens. We build ovens for residential and commercial customers. Imagine pulling out a wood-fired, gourmet pizza from a glowing, warm brick oven right in your own back yard. Pizza/bread ovens make a great addition to an outdoor living space and are wonderful to add to a kitchen. Are you hungry for a custom pizza/bread oven? Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form to get started on your custom oven today.


A Bit About The Masonry Oven


Masonry ovens are built with a baking chamber that contains a small fire pushed to one side. These ovens are generally built with fire-resistant materials like firebrick, clay, or even directly cast from refractory cement. The function of a masonry oven is to trap and radiate heat from a hardwood fire while the smoke is vented through the front of the oven. This passing of smoke allows for a unique flavor to develop in the foods cooked in the oven. Pizza and bread are not the only foods that can be cooked in a masonry oven, desserts, roasted vegetables, and slow cooked meats can also be cooked to delicious perfection.


progress picture of masorny oven structure being built.

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