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Our experienced team of masons provide clean, square and level block jobs on a daily basis. Brown Bear has laid so many block, we count blocks to go to sleep instead of sheep. We take pride in doing the best job possible for our contractors and customers. We focus on your vision and help with the tough decisions and structural limitations to avoid future problems. Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form to get your block project started.

A Bit About Block


Concrete blocks known as CMU's (concrete masonry units) are produced with a mixture of cement, sand and crushed stone, or lightweight aggregate. Blocks are larger than bricks and are much faster to lay for a wall of a given size. The cells are large for grouting with concrete for added strength. They come in many different sizes, colors and textures to fit your decor needs. Block can be covered with stucco, plaster, stone veneer, concrete overlay or concrete siding to make a block home have a more traditional look. Block is a great material for many  residential and commercial projects including whole house construction, foundations, retaining walls, and structural walls.

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Brown Bear Does Block

Brown Bear Masonry laying the first course of block on a foundation
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