Real stone retaining wall using Rogue River River Rock mixed with obsidian.


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Real stone requires a real mason with years of experience to create a nice, clean stone job. Brown Bear has both, our team of experienced masons can lay any type of natural stone in any application. We specialize in creative real stone projects and can incorporate multiple types of stone, seashells or brick in the design. Let Brown Bear know what kind of real stone project you are dreaming of and we will do our best to complete your vision. Call owner, Jim Brown at 541-659-9622 or fill out the request estimate form under the contact page to get started on your stone project.


A Bit About Real Stone


Real stone is more costly, but if your after uniqueness, character, strength, low maintenance and beauty real stone is definitely the way to go. The higher cost for real stone is due to the shipping and handling of heavy natural materials and the need for extra structural preparation such as a larger concrete footing and steel ties to support the weight of real stone. Real stone also requires more time to lay because of the unique shapes and the mortar needs a set up time in between the heavy stone courses.

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